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errie's list of achievements and contributions is both diverse and esteemed.

  While at Lucasfilm,
  I was able to spend
  some time with Gary
  Rydstrom, sound
  designer on The
  Empire Strikes Back,
  Return Of The
  Jedi, Terminator and
  many other award
  winning Lucasfilm


  Rose Center for
  Earth and Space,
  New York City


Jonn was comissioned to compose the music for the world's first interactive planetarium theatre production about the advanced application of robotics in space with Lucasfilm and the Rose Center Of Earth and Space in New York City. His music has been heard in theatres worldwide including London, Munich, Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, South America and Australia.

He scored the IMAX Corporation and Space Telescope Science Institute film "Galaxies Across Space And Time" about the Deep Field survey of galaxies researched at the edge of the known universe.

 "Galaxies Across
  Space And Time"

  Barbara Feldon

  Dr. Frank Summers

  Jonn Serrie

  Post Production:
  David Keighley
  70 mm IMAX


The film won major award categories at the Large Format Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Jonn's music is also featured in the planetarium theatre aboard the Queen Mary II, the world's most advanced cruise ship.

  The Planetarium theatre on board the
  Queen Mary II was designed and built
Sky Skan, Inc.

  Steve Savage, President
  Glenn Smith, Project Manager

 "Power And Grace"

 EAA Oshkosh
Theatre In The Woods

 Concert presentation
 with Jonn Serrie

His music is used in World's Fair exhibits around the globe, including the Futures Pavilion in Seville that recieved first place for Best Science Exhibit. Jonn has contributed music to PBS (John Glenn an American Hero), the Discovery Channel "Wings" series, the Weather Channel, the U.S.Navy Blue Angels, custom music for aviation's aerobatic champion, Patty Wagstaff and a unique presentation of educational narrative and live music with NASA astronaut Story Musgrave called "Space Stories".

  "Nobody sets foot on
   stage with 

   Story without being
   Instrument Rated..."

  Just to make sure I
  had the honor, I
  earned the
  Rating as well.

Jonn composed music for the hit Hollywood film "What The Bleep Do We Know?" starring Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin and a cast of renown scientists, physicists and thinkers from around the world.

Jonn performed at the Anniversary Celebration of Apollo 11 with Neil Armstrong in attendance, televised worldwide live from Cape Canaveral, as well as premier performances at the Ansari X-Prize, the International Space Development Consortium in Washington, DC and the 30th Annual Space Symposium with David Arkenstone and Cirque De La Symphonie held in Colorado Springs.

  Neil Armstrong
  X-15 pre-flight

Go for it everyday...

"My music exists to help us explore a
sense of ourselves and our place in the universe".